"Sherie" was founded in Muscat, Oman in 1997 by Soheyla Amoudeh who has been a member of the Industrial Artists and Designers of London (SIAD) since 1980.

Sherie following in her mother's footsteps  in the jewellery industry also graduated from the reputable London Guildhall University, earning her BA in jewellery design and craft in 2006, as well as winning the notable Goldsmiths "Jewellery display" Design Award in 2005. 

They decided to combine their individual talents to create a brand for the woman who takes pride in both her heritage and her modernity, who is as sophisticated as she is down-to-earth, as bohemian as she is cultured and as confident as she is inquisitive. 


Regularly showcasing the artworks of various regional artists and drawing inspiration from their Persian roots, they mix the beauty and richness of their culture with clean, contemporary lines to create modern, every day jewellery. 

The mother-daughter team has taken the brand from strength to strength, honing their craft with each collection to create a unique and distinctive style which pushes boundaries in terms of wearability and the materials they use. 

As the brand continues to grow, Soheyla and Shahrzad's shared vision is to inspire women all over the world to celebrate their uniqueness.